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Archive for December 2008

God Hates Fags! Really?

December 17, 2008

By now most of the world is familiar with Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist “Church” (with their godhatesfags.com website). And while most Christians wouldn’t say that God hates gay people, they’d definitely say that God hates gay acts. So while thinking about what God really does hate, Proverbs 6:16-19 came to mind. This passage lists […]

Like the Rest of the World, I’m Thinking About Sex…

December 16, 2008

Everyone knows that love does not equal sex and sex does not equal love. I mean, come on, how early are we taught that? But when I start to think about the connection between love and sex… I don’t understand how sex can even be satisfying without love. See, I have a friend who is […]

The P Word: Parents

December 16, 2008

Last night my girlfriend asked, “If I wanted you to tell your parents about us, would you?” *Gulp* After my heart slowed down a little, I responded with, “If you really wanted me to.” Ah, parents. I have great parents, really I do. I love them very much, and they love me very much. They’ve […]

Ready or Not, Here I Come: Coming Out to a Friend

December 13, 2008

Well… I did it! With my girl holding my hand, I told a close friend about our relationship. I have never stammered and given so many “disclaimers” before in my entire life. So here’s how it went. My girlfriend and I met our friend at a local coffee shop so that I could help her […]