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Maybe life really is just that simple.

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Plans, Or Lack Of

November 26, 2008

So I graduate college in May.  My girlfriend (whom I’m in a committed relationship with) graduates a May after me.  Crap. My parents want me to go on to graduate school.  I do plan to eventually go on to graduate school.  I would really like to get a Masters of Divinity.  However, I refuse to […]

Ready or not, here I come! Coming out to myself.

November 16, 2008

I’m not a lesbian. *Looks at self in mirror* I’m not a lesbian. I like guys. I like guys? Yes, of course I like guys. I like guys… *Looks in mirror* Crap, I’m a lesbian. Yes, I also talk to myself. Anyway, this is kind of what it looked like the day I “came out” […]